Artisanal Bison Sausage Pizza w/ Fresh Peaches & Goat Cheese

Fresh freestone peach slices play counterpoint to the rich and spicy (with just a hint of sweet) bison maple ginger sausage from Gunpowder Bison & Trading Co. and the tangy, brie-like soft-ripened Monocacy Silver goat cheese from Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Company. Seasoned with fresh cracked pepper and Himalayan sea salt, drizzled in extra-virgin olive oil, and based on a handmade, whole wheat thin crust, this artisanal pie is a first attempt on actualizing an idea I’ve been incubating all summer.

Artisanal Bison Sausage Goat Cheese Peach Pizza

Making the dough ahead of time, my wife and I left it to rise slowly in the refrigerator overnight until, arriving home from work, we were ready to stretch it into a thin layer upon which to pile the (mostly) locally sourced ingredients. First thin raw peach slices, followed by chunks of pan-fried bison sausage, and then crumbled goat cheese, and finally salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Baked in the oven for a quarter of an hour, this made four haphazardly wonderful slices. Sure, there were a few defects, this being our first attempt. Inconsistency in the thickness of the dough led to the thinnest sections crisping nicely while some thicker areas remained a bit chewy. Drizzling the olive oil, I forgot to compensate for the oil already present in the sausage, leading to a perhaps overabundance of flavorful lipids. And the taste combination called out for just one more nuance – an herb, perhaps? After we’d devoured our slices, my wife pointed out that fresh sage could have been the missing key.

For a first pass, though? Beyond pleasantly surprising, it turned out wonderful!

Nory drools over the artisanal bison sausage, peach, and goat cheese pizza, fresh from the oven

And the bison – our Boxer is a huge fan. While we ate, he paced back and forth, sniffing at the table, poking his head up and gazing on longingly, drooling all the while, wondering how he might manage to snatch a tasty morsel.

We shall improve this exceedingly promising recipe, oh yes! This is only the first attempt. Many a bison sausage shall perish on our frying pan or upon the grill, many more peaches shall succumb to the knife blade, and many more goat cheeses shall crumble as we persevere to perfect this Mid-Atlantic artisanal pie.

Once so, we shall bake this for our friends, who will be the real judges of its character. Assuming it passes their approval, I’ll present the final recipe (what recipe is ever final?) here on Noodle/Bones.

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