New Year’s Tagliatelle

Armed with one yellow squash, a handful of kalamata olives, some fresh parsley, parmesan cheese, and the marinara sauce my wife had made the night before, based on a recipe handed down from her mother, we waited.  The Imperia Titania hand-cranked pasta maker, a Christmas gift, rested next to the sink, needing to be washed.  Our masterpiece, fresh, handmade tagliatelle, sat on a floured towel.

We had spent the morning cranking out this batch of ribbon noodles, made with egg and a combination of white and wheat flours, and just a touch of salt.  We had spent the afternoon day-dreaming of dinner as the coiled strips sat drying on our table.

The pot of water began to boil.  The noodles slid in.  Four minutes later – done!  Toss pasta in the sauce, plate, and serve.  Homemade, handmade pasta – there’s nothing like it, especially when you’ve made the noodles and sauce yourself.  The satisfaction of slurping those hot strips drenched in marinara…

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