French Toast and Candied Bacon Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Granny Smith Apples

Kitchen Notes is a new, periodic column meant to be a conglomeration of food ideas, recipe experiments, and snapshots of various creations.  Just a few lines of description, a photo, and some supporting notes.  Enjoy!

What do you do with extra French toast and candied bacon?  Why, make a sandwich with granny smith apple and cream cheese, of course!  This is what my wife concocted (and oh, was it good, oh so good) from the remains of two previous experiments.

Of course, keeping either candied bacon or French toast around long enough to turn it into a wonderful sandwich is another trick in and of itself (hint: cook a lot of it).


Before-hand: Cook up enough French toast to have leftovers (use your favorite recipe).  Candy some bacon, again ensuring you have made enough that you don’t just eat it all once it comes out of the oven.

When you are ready for a sandwich: Take one slice of French toast.  Layer on a good helping of cream cheese (or any soft, spreadable cheese).  Pile on a few slices of candied bacon (don’t skimp!).  Add sliced granny smith apple, or another variety of crisp-tart apple.  Top with another slice of French toast.  Eat, savor, enjoy.

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