Grilled Cambodian-style Spareribs and Mexican-style Charred Corn Salad

Dipping a rib.

When my brother talks about the right way to grill pork ribs, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about how they make it here in the United States. These Cambodian-style spareribs don’t follow any of those rules of barbecue pork ribs — they’re marinated in a combination of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, honey, sugar, salt and pepper; cooked over the open hardwood charcoal flames; and dipped into salt-and-pepper lime sauce. They may not be American ribs, but they’re damn tasty.

Grill up some ears of corn and make a Mexican-style charred corn salad and you’ve got an international fusion dinner with flavors that blend quite well, considering both dishes share fresh lime juice as a primary flavor component.

The spareribs follow this Ginger and Honey Baby Back Ribs recipe on Epicurious. Obviously we swapped spareribs in in place of the baby back ribgs, and the grilling occurred on a standard American Weber charcoal barbecue. Even though we didn’t get the heat right, and over-charred one side, the ribs held up quite well.

The salad is adapted from the Charred and Raw Corn with Chile and Cheese recipe in July’s Bon Appétit, swapping out the red chile for a whole jalapeño, using three ears of corn instead of four, and incorporating feta instead of Cotija. Heat up some tortillas and toss the leftovers (assuming there are any) with black beans, and you’ll also have copacetic lunchtime tacos.

2 thoughts on “Grilled Cambodian-style Spareribs and Mexican-style Charred Corn Salad

  1. I want to try this recipe on my smoker. I bet a 7 hour slow smoke would give it a little something extra and not Americanize it at all. And that honey should add a nice savory bark to the outside.

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