A (Work) Week of Home Cooking

Menu of the Week – Chez Noodlehead
  • » Monday: Whole Trout Grilled in Foil with Herbs, Butter, Garlic, and Meyer Lemon [P, GF]
  • » Tuesday: Croque-Monsieur
  • » Wednesday: Cold Tofu Salad with Bean Sprouts, Mint, and Other Excellent Ingredients [VG, GF]
  • » Thursday: Leek and Goat Cheese Tart with Thyme
  • » Friday: Quinoa Tabouleh; Baba Ghanoush; Homemade Falafel; Fresh Pita Bread [VG]

Karla and I don’t often plan out a whole week’s worth of meals in advance, but when we do, we do it right. There is something  incredibly satisfying about put together a dinner menu for the week, going to the farmers market to procure the fresh produce and other ingredients, hitting up the grocery store for the remaining missing items, adjusting as necessary, and then more-or-less sticking to the plan to craft beautiful, home-made, fresh and tasty dinners. Some of these were quick to make, others took a bit a preparation and effort, but all were fairly successful.

Not everyone has the time for more complex meals – as a person whose office is in his house, I am lucky enough not to waste minutes or hours on a commute to or from work – and I admit not everyone approaches cooking with a love for the art and craft of it – but it’s a worthwhile gustatory learning experience to try this out once in a while, whatever your skill level. Plus, cooking up and eating with your loved ones a fresh and satisfying meal is a great way to de-stress after a long day. Continue reading